DARPHIN wurde 1958 in Paris von Pierre Darphin gegründet und die Gesundheit der Haut stand dabei stets im Mittelpunkt der Philosophie. Ebenso wie die Leidenschaft für die Erforschung des unendlichen Potenzials und der Vorteile botanischer Essenzen. Pierre Darphin war Kinesiotherapeut und entwickelte die einzigartigen Gesichtsmassagetechniken, die die Muskeln verjüngen und die Wirkung der Produkte tief bis unter die Hautoberfläche einarbeiten. Auch heute noch verfolgt DARPHIN den ganzheitlichen Ansatz der Hautpflege und dem persönlichen Wohlbefinden.

DARPHIN entwickelt bewährte Hautpflegeprodukte und nutzt die Präzision der Wissenschaft, um die kraftvolle Essenz der Natur zu verstärken. Diese vereinte Kraft transportiert mit Hilfe einer bahnbrechenden Trägertechnologie potente botanische Wirkstoffe tief in die Haut. Eine perfekte Kombination mit sichtbaren, wissenschaftlich nachgewiesenen Ergebnissen. Entdecken Sie eine hochwirksame Hautpflege.


§ 1 . Validity of the GTC

(1) These General Terms and Conditions apply to contracts for the rental of vacation apartments for accommodation as well as all other services and deliveries of the provider rendered to the guest. The services of the provider are provided exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions.
(2) The subletting or further renting of the provided vacation apartment as well as its use for other than residential purposes is prohibited.

§ 2 Booking/booking confirmation

The booking is made either directly via the website immas-welt.com or via the linked booking portals. In case of booking via the portals, the terms and conditions of the portals shall apply.

§ 3 Terms of payment

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the entire invoice amount is due for payment immediately.

§ 4 Arrival and departure

On the day of arrival the arrival is possible from 14.00 o’clock. The guest is requested to call the mobile number +49 172-85 09 160 approx. 30 min before arrival. The apartment must be handed over by 10:00 am on the day of departure.
The landlord reserves the right to charge another rental day in case of late departure. The apartment is to be left broom-clean on the day of departure. The dishes, glasses, etc. must be cleaned and put away, the trash cans and the refrigerator must be emptied.

§ 5 Holiday apartments

The vacation apartments are handed over by the landlord in a tidy and clean condition with complete inventory. If there are any defects or if they occur during the rental period, the landlord must be informed immediately. The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him to the rental property, the inventory, e.g. broken dishes, damage to the floor or furniture. This also includes the cost of replacing lost keys/cylinder replacement.

The inventory is to be treated carefully and with care and is only intended to remain in the vacation apartments. The guest is also liable for the fault of his fellow travelers. Damages caused by force majeure are excluded from this. In case of use of the vacation apartment contrary to the contract, such as subletting, overcrowding, disturbance of domestic peace, etc., as well as non-payment of the full rent, the contract can be terminated without notice. The rent already paid is not to be refunded,

§ 6 Pets

The accommodation of pets of any kind is allowed in the apartment only with the prior written consent of the landlord. For the accommodation of animals the landlord requires an appropriate surcharge.
If the landlord has permitted to bring the pet, it must be ensured that the animals do not defecate on the garden property.

§ 7 Stay

The vacation apartment may only be used by the persons listed in the booking. The vacation apartments are designed for an occupancy of 4 persons each. Additional persons can be booked, if necessary, by prior arrangement at an extra charge. Children up to 1 year are free, but must be registered.

Subletting and transfer of the apartment to third parties is not permitted.
In case of violations of the GTC, the landlord is entitled to terminate the lease immediately and without notice. A legal claim for repayment of the rent or compensation does not exist in this case.

§ 8 Cancellation

Cancellation or rebooking free of charge is not possible. Even if the tenant does not arrive, he remains obligated to pay a cancellation fee in the amount of the full rental price with the exception of the cleaning costs. In case of renting the apartment to another party, these revenues are to be credited against the cancellation fee.
The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended.

§ 9 Cancellation by the Lessor

In the event of cancellation on the part of the landlord, e.g. as a result of force majeure or other unforeseeable circumstances; liability is limited to the reimbursement of costs. The guest has no claim for damages, unless there is intent or gross negligence.

§ 10 Liability of the Lessor

The lessor is liable within the scope of the duty of care of a prudent businessman for the proper provision of the rental object. A liability for possible failures or disturbances in water or power supply, as well as events and consequences due to force majeure are excluded from this.

§ 11 Use of Internet access via WLAN

§ 11.1 Use of Internet access via WLAN

The landlord maintains an Internet access via WLAN in his vacation property. He allows the tenant for the duration of his stay in the vacation property a shared use of the WLAN access to the Internet. The tenant does not have the right to allow third parties to use the WLAN.
The landlord does not guarantee the actual availability or speed of Internet access. In particular, the lessor reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion and at any time, to block access to certain pages or
services via the WLAN (e.g. pages glorifying violence, pornographic pages or pages with costs).

§ 11.2 Access data

The use of the WLAN is secured by means of access data. The access data (login and password) may not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances. The lessor has the right to change access codes at any time.

§ 11.3 Dangers of WLAN use, limitation of liability

The Lessee is informed that the WLAN only allows access to the Internet, virus protection and firewall are not available. The data traffic established using the WLAN is not encrypted. The data can therefore possibly be viewed by third parties. The lessor expressly points out that there is a risk that malware (e.g. viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) may get onto the end device when using the WLAN. The use of the WLAN is at the tenant’s own risk. The landlord assumes no liability for damage to the tenant’s digital media caused by the use of the Internet access, unless the damage was caused by the landlord and / or his agents intentionally or grossly negligent.

The guest indemnifies the landlord of the vacation property from all damages and claims of third parties, which are based on an illegal use of the WLAN by the tenant and / or on a violation of this agreement, this also extends to costs and expenses associated with the claim or its defense. If the tenant recognizes or must recognize that such a violation of rights and/or such a violation exists or threatens, he shall inform the landlord of the vacation property of this circumstance.

§ 12 House Rules, General Rights and Duties

(1) The guest is obliged to observe the house rules. From 22.00 o’clock to 7.00 o’clock the night rest is valid. In order to avoid disturbance, TV and audio equipment must be set to room volume.
(2) The guest is obliged to keep windows and doors closed when leaving the vacation apartment for the duration of the rental period.
(3) Smoking is generally prohibited in the vacation apartments. Smoking is only allowed on balconies and terraces.
(4) Each apartment unit has a parking space.
(5) The provider has a right of access to the vacation apartment, especially in case of imminent danger. When exercising the right of access, the guest’s interests worthy of protection are to be given appropriate consideration. The provider shall inform the guest in advance about the exercise of the right of access, unless this is unreasonable or impossible under the circumstances of the individual case.

§ 13 Written form

Agreements other than those listed in this contract do not exist. No oral agreements have been made. The general terms and conditions are accepted with the transfer of the rental price.

§ 14 Severability clause

Should one or more provisions of these terms and conditions become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid one that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the invalid provision.

§ 15 Place of Jurisdiction

For any disputes arising from the contractual relationship, the local court of Landsberg am Lech shall have jurisdiction.